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The Full Form of FAX is FASCimile. Sometimes it is also called telecopying or teleFAX. It is the transmission of scanned documents (text or images) over a telephone line from one party to another party. 

FAX Full Form

Let’s understand in simple terms how it works. Let’s says you have a document and you want to send a copy of this document to someone who lives far away from you. To send this document using FAX you as well as the person to whom you want to send the document copy should have a FAX machine and also both of you should have a telephone number and a telephone line connected to the FAX machine. 

To send the copy of the document to another person, you place the document on your FAX machine and then dial the telephone number of the person using your FAX machine. Once connected you press the button on your FAX machine to transmit the document and then it gets printed on that person’s FAX machine. 

You are changed the same amount by your telephone operator which you would have been charged for a voice call to that person using the same number and for the same duration.

Technically it works like when the document is scanned by FAX machine, it converts it into its corresponding bitmap and sends it to the other FAX machine through a telephone line. The receiving FAX machine converts the coded image and starts printing it on paper.

When you read this, it may sound like something useless nowadays as now we have much better technologies to transmit images/documents over the internet. As an example instead of having separate FAX machines, now you can just scan the document using your mobile camera and send it to someone using MMS, WhatsApp, and many other applications which is much cheaper and better quality than FAX technology. 

Yes, it is true but before the time when the internet was not so common, FAX was very much popular and but now with better-emerging technologies it has lost its charm.

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