Hrms Haryana: Login, Property Return, Corona Relief Fund and Help Line Number at HRMS

Haryana HRMS Login online guest teacher login, property return, police, corona relief fund, help line number at HRMS HRY Employee portal . This portal contains the service records of government employees. It contains a minimum of 25 forms. This portal can be used for basic details of a government employee like Punishments, Leave Records, Transfer, Promotions, ACRs, Loans, Seniority, Service Breaks, etc.,


Haryana HRMS Employee Login

Haryana HRMS Employee Login
Haryana HRMS Employee Login

HRMS Employee Portal The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs is one of the Ministries under the Union Government. It is one of the biggest ministries dealing with civil construction activities like Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation, Street, and other infrastructure development. It is also one of the oldest government departments, starting from 1867, it has been headed by a British Officer. Haryana is Headquartered in Gurgaon. Established in 1867. 

The only integrated Department of State (Service) under the Central Government dealing with matters related to the building of roads, canals, bridges, colonies, defense, sea travel, coastal security, inland waterways, agriculture, social welfare, tourism, energy, water resources, forests, and national highways. Has a headquarters in Delhi. S.D.

Hrms Haryana Property Return

This is a detailed property return form submitted by a government employee and available in all government offices in India. This online form is provided to the employees working in various Government agencies and departments. The form may be filed online through a personal computer.

It can be accessed from the Home Secretary's Portal. To access this portal go to ‘The Home Secretary’s Portal’ The tool: Property Return, Holders – Name, Search – State, Click Property Return Search a name and get all details related to that name. Property Return Form will show details of birth year, Sex, Next Of Kin, Copy of Identity Card, PAN Card, E-mail ID, Permanent Address, Address of the Occupation/Place of Home, etc. Service Records.

 The search tool will display all records in the language of choice of the employee. The service records of the Haryana government will also be uploaded on the Home Secretary's Portal. All such details will be available for public viewing.

Hrms Haryana Police

Haryana Police website Haryana Police web portal HRMS Police Records 

Hrms Haryana Corona Relief Fund 

The members of Corona Relief Fund maintain contact with the families of the Government employees, providing financial help to the families of their employees, in case of the death of their family members. Corona Relief Fund (CRF) is an autonomous body created by the Government of Haryana through an act of the State Legislature. CRF was established to provide financial and emotional help to the families of government employees, who die or get disabled in their service during the year.

Corona Relief Fund helps government employees relieve their sufferings due to various unfortunate circumstances like sufferings due to old age, accident, accidental death, physical or mental disability, accidental damage or sickness, etc. The person can apply for Corona Relief Fund by filling online form and uploading the required documents. 

The fund is managed by the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund Trust and is meant for the welfare of all government servants. Police, CORONA and CORONA funds Indian Police, CORONA and CORONA funds can be used by government employees for their house property to recover money from their house property, salary to their family members, maintenance, educational funds, accidental damage to the property, domestic violence and education.

HelpLine Number at HRMS

Get in touch with the internal officials of the Human Resources of a State Government department through the Help Line Number of the HRMS. The HRMS system has a HelpLine Number (0824-2661507) which is helpful for getting technical assistance for login, password, etc. 

You can call on the toll-free helpline numbers (1800-12-26515, 1007-1342342, 1007-2244948) to get all your HR-related issues solved. 


Each and every detail like salary, annual leave, report of all deductions on the salary structure, availability of benefits and facilities is available to every citizen under one roof. Moreover, a citizen can get detailed information about department, posts, issues, seniority, promotion criteria, MHA, training and education, NSI, etc. Each and every required detail can be accessed at a click of a button.