OPD Full Form | What is the full form of OPD In Medical?

The Full Form of OPD is An Out Patient Department is a department in the hospital where patients are provided medical consultation and other allied services. OPD has consultation chambers where patients are provided medical, surgical, or allied (physiotherapy. dietetics) consultation and expert opinion. 

OPD Full Form

OPD consists of one or more consulting rooms and associated support accommodation, e.g. nurse station, treatment rooms, waiting areas, etc. OPD is the first point of contact between the patient and the hospital staff. 

When a patient enters the hospital for the first time, he/she goes to the "Out Patient Department", OPD staff then decides to which department a patient should go. Normally an Out Patient Department is constructed on the ground floor of the hospital and divided into multiple bays like the Orthopedics department, Neurology department, Gynecology department, General medicine department, etc. Here all the formalities are completed and then the patient goes to the respective department.

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