Thumbrule: Know your child better with ThumbRule Dmit

Every child has his/her own individual way of learning and understanding things around them. It is not an easy thing for parents to get to know each of their own children. Sometimes it takes them years to understand the character and inclinations of their children, and sometimes they never really know why their children are the way they are.

Thumbrule Dmit

Thumbrule: Know your child better with ThumbRule

In order for children's behavior to develop in the right way, ThumbRule has introduced the DMI (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence) technologies, a unique & scientific method developed out of the study of fingerprint patterns analysis. 

From researches and observations on seven million fingerprint samples documented, compiled, and put together with psychological theories, the program can explain any children's character, improve parent-child communication and relation, and help parents to raise their children more successfully by bringing out the best abilities in them, guiding them in doing what they love to do, developing their best potentials, and making them happy children who will grow up to be quality adults.

Discover your child's Hidden Talent, Likings & Potential 

According to the Multiple Intelligence Theory of Prof. Howard Gardner, an educational psychologist at Harvard University, and learn about the unique functions of the human brain's right and left hemispheres, after the findings of Nobel Prize winner Dr. Roger W. Sperry. It will also tell you the preferred Learning style & Communication character of your child. 


This is the first time that the DMI technology is introduced into India, then assessed and summarized in a report by experts of ThumbRule technologies. The technology will be brought to light here and explained clearly in consultation sessions so that parents will come to a correct understanding before they put the knowledge to use with their children. The aim is for parents to bring up children who are happy in what they do and what they will become.

It has helped lakhs of students in the past 10 years, in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan

Thumbrule DMIT will reveal the following information about your child

  • Intrinsic potential
  • Multiple Intelligence Distribution
  • Dominant and Preferred Learning Style
  • Learning Communication Character
  • Allocation of various abilities
  • Psychological & Planning Capability
  • Learning Sensitivity
  • Innate Work - Management style
  • Need for DMIT Concept in India

Above 12,000 students commit suicide in India due to exam-related stress. Is our educational system and parenting style going horribly wrong somewhere? Are we stressing our children too much?

ThumbRule DMIT

DMIT helps you understand the behavioral characteristics & communication needs of your child...! This goes a long way in reducing stress in children...!

The 8 Multiple Intelligences

  1. Visual - Spatial
  2. Verbal - Linguistic
  3. logical - Mathematical
  4. Bodily - Kinesthetic
  5. Musical - Rhythmic
  6. Inter-personal
  7. Intra-personal
  8. Naturalisti

Every child is born with unique abilities and gifts. Let us help them discover these talents, and nurture them with our love and support...!. The 2 most beautiful things a parent can gift his child are: Roots & Wings