TIN Full Form ? How to Apply for a New Tin Number ?

TIN FULL FORM – Taxpayer Identification Number

Taxpayer Identification Number is a unique number that is allotted by the Commercial Tax Department of the respective state. It is 11 digit numbers that are used to identify the dealer’s registration status under Vat Scheme. 

TIN Number is applied in both types of sale whether it is a local sale or central sale. Its works in the same way as Pan Card. Pan Card is used to identifying assesses under Income Tax Act. In the same way, Tin is used to identify registered dealers under Vat Act. After knowing the TIN's full form, now we are going to discuss the formation of tin numbers.

TIN Full Form

Formation of TIN Number

The formation of TIN numbers is very meaningful and simple. The first two digits show the issued state code and the other nine digits of tin may differ from state to state.

Who needs a TIN Number?

Tin number registration is mandatory for all the companies or firms or traders who deal in the sale and purchase of goods in India. Nowadays, on Tin Number is used in both types of sale- local sale and central sale in India.

Documents required for applying for Tin Number:

There are basic documents that are required while filing a new application form for tin number. Here it is necessary to understand that every state has its stand documents that are required for the tin registration process. 

The requirements of documents vary from state to state. So, if you are going to apply for a new tin number for your company, then you should check out your estate requirement for tin application. Below are some basic and common documents that are required in almost every new tin application form:

  1. ID Proof of business premises.
  2. Address proof of business premises.
  3. The first sale or purchase invoice with bank statement
  4. Security amount
  5. Other references.

How to apply for a New Tin Number:

The TIN full form is Taxpayer Identification Number that should have to every new company that sells or purchases goods in India. now the question arises that how to apply for a new tine number.  In the earlier time, people have to go tin registration office with all the documents for applying for a new tin number. 

But now, that day is gone, now you can apply for a new tin number online, what you have to do for that. You have to go to the tin registration website of the respective estate. Then you have to fill up all the information about your business and attached documents that are required by the tin registration department for your state.

Other Tin Full Form :

  1. Tax Information Number
  2. Temporary Identification Number