What is the full form of AMC? AMC full form

Full Form of AMC is Annual Maintenance Contract: Annual Maintenance Contract is between the owner of a certain electronic gadget and a maintenance company whereby the company is given maintenance charge of the gadget throughout the year and the contract is subject to yearly renewal. 

AMC Full Form

Annual Maintenance Contracts are available for a whole range of electrical and electronics appliances starting from computers. laptops, refrigerators. televisions. air conditioners and almost every electrical and electronics equipment. 

The maintenance company will take care of all the problems that can arise in the gadget during the contract period. Apart from this, there is also usually a regular schedule of the maintenance company. Machine maintenance is a key factor to get a repeat performance. 

Some other Full Forms of AMC

  1. AMC = Army Materiel Command 
  2. AMC = Air Mobility Command 
  3. AMC = Albany Medical College 
  4. AMC = Asset Management Company 
  5. AMC = American Motors Corporation 
  6. AMC = American Multi Cinema 
  7. AMC = American Movie Classics 
  8. AMC = American Music Center 
  9. AMC = Advanced Mezzanine Card 
  10. AMC = Appalachian Mountain Club 
  11. AMC = American Muscle Car 
  12. AMC = Atthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita 
  13. AMC = American Mathematics Competitions 
  14. AMC = American Muscle Car 
  15. AMC = A Major Cost 
  16. AMC = Associated Merchandising Corporation 
  17. AMC = Annual Management Charge 
  18. AMC = Australian Magnesium Corporation 
  19. AMC = Airborne Molecular Contamination