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Frequently Asked Questions AarogyaSetu Mitr 

Q. What is AarogyaSetu Mitr?

AarogyaSetu Mitr is an effort to bring healthcare services to the doorstep of all Indians in the time of the COVID-19 crisis.

The initiative has been facilitated by the offices of the Principal Scientific Advisor to the PM and NITI Aayog, with voluntary participation from organizations, industry coalitions, and startups who have helped create a platform for citizens of India to connect with some key services at home. The key service provided is FREE Tele-Consults for patients who may have COVID-19 like symptoms, along with ancillary services like home collection of samples for Diagnostics and Medicine delivery at home.


Q. Do I need to pay for the services I use on AarogyaSetu Mitr?

The AarogyaSetu Mitr portal helps you find essential healthcare services. The portal does not charge the service providers to list their services on the portal. Also, consumers can get FREE COVID-19 related Doctor consultations. Additionally, home delivery of ancillary services (at market prices) is also available.

Q. Is AarogyaSetu Mitr available everywhere in India?

AarogyaSetu Mitr is looking to add service providers from all locations in India. If the services listed are not yet available in the part of the country where you are currently, please write to us and we will work on finding service providers for these locations on priority for you.

Q Is AarogyaSetu Mitr a Government portal or a Private portal?

AargoyaSetu Mitr is a Public and Private collaboration that has come together in this time of need during the COVID-19 Pandemic. It operates under the offices of the PSA and Niti Aayog, with partnership of volunteers from the private sector.

Q How do you select the service providers on the AargoyaSetu Mitr Portal?

Service providers who have contacted AargoyaSetu Mitr and confirmed their ability to assist with the services listed so far have been reviewed and added to the portal. Selection criteria have been detailed out. We have chosen providers with a strong track record and demonstrated capability and capacity to provide services with a wide coverage.

If you would like to provide services to the citizens of India please write to us on the Contact Us page on this portal.

Q How can I volunteer my services to AarogyaSetu Mitr?

Write to AarogyaSetu Mitr from the Contact Us page on this portal.

Please send us your personal details and the services you or your organization/ company could provide for the citizens of India through the AargoyaSetu Mitr portal.

Please note that we do not share any personally identifiable information volunteered on this site with any third party (public/private). Any information provided to this website will be protected from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction.

Q Which languages are the services available in?

AarogyaSetu Mitr is looking to offer the services in all Official Indian Languages, and more, as we build more capacity. If you can assist in this regard please reach out to us. Presently, Telemedicine services in English and Hindi are supported.

Q Is AargoyaSetu Mitr and AarogyaSetu the same?

AarogyaSetu is the mobile application developed by Government of India for helping citizens leverage technology to fight COVID.

AarogyaSetu Mitr is an initiative of private sector organizations working in partnership with the offices of Principal Scientific Advisor to the PM and NITI Aayog to provide connect with healthcare services to users of AarogyaSetu App.

Q Can AarogyaSetu Mitr advise or prescribe?

AarogyaSetu Mitr connects users with telemedicine and other health service provider networks. AarogyaSetu Mitr is just a connecting platform, it does not advise or prescribe.

Once a user selects and gets redirected to a consultation service provider platform, their onboarded doctors may advise or prescribe, as permissible under the Telemedicine Practice Guidelines.