Who Is The Brand Ambassador Of Aarogya Setu App ?

The Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan becomes the brand ambassador of the Aarogya setu app. This time Ajay Devgan has taken the lead towards Aarogya Setu App, a mobile application developed by the Government of India to make people aware of the danger of Covid-19. 

According to a news published in the news agency ANI, Ajay Devgan himself has shared a video related to this on his Twitter account. In which he is seen in a double role. Ajay Devgan is appealing to people to download this app and telling the specialty of the Aarogya setu app.


Ajay Devgan has written in his tweet expressing gratitude to Prime Minister Modi. 

Thank you PMO India #SetuMeraBodyGaurd for giving a personal bodyguard to fight covid-19 to the whole of India and yours too. It also seems to suggest downloading.

What is AarogyaSetu App?

Aarogya Setu App is an effort to bring healthcare services to the doorstep of all Indians in the time of the COVID-19 crisis.

The initiative has been facilitated by the offices of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the PM and NITI Aayog, with voluntary participation from organizations, industry coalitions, and startups who have helped create a platform for citizens of India to connect with some key services at home. The key service provided is FREE Tele-Consults for patients who may have COVID-19 like symptoms, along with ancillary services like home collection of samples for Diagnostics and Medicine delivery at home.

Important Information related to the Aarogya Setu app?

As most of you would know that the Ministry of Health launched this app a few days ago by holding a press conference. Aarogya setu app is a mobile application with the help of which the user can get complete information regarding Covid-19. The user gets to know whether he is safe from this coronavirus or not.

Arogya Setu App is the first of its kind in the country where the money collected through the use of this app will be utilized to improve sanitation in the country. The app is free and available for both Android and iOS devices. 

The app has various e-wallets which allow the users to pay money to the sanitation workers who clean up the garbage in the places around. These sanitation workers will be given 50% of the collected money as salary which will be given directly to them. 

With this, the users will be helping these sanitation workers in improving their living standards and also in removing the lack of sanitation in their own places. Apart from that, you will also be able to pay for other services related to sanitation like bringing the services like electrician, etc.


The Aarogya Setu App has created quite a sensation among the users of the country. The app stands out with its unique features and offers a lot to its users. In terms of looks, the app has a clean interface and a clear design that will help the users to make a selection at the first look. With its prominent features, Aarogya Setu App will surely help people to make distance themselves from others.