241543903 ? The story of 241543903 Number

 For some time now, cyberspace has been filled with the search and mystery of the number "241543903" and everyone is talking about the related records… But what exactly is the number "241543903" and what does it mean?

The number 241543903 is essentially a model for photography, invented in 2009 by David Horowitz, a well-known New York artist. The story of 241543903 is that a photographer named David Horowitz, who seems to have been completely creative in the way he took his photos, in 2009 took a photo of himself with his head in the freezer on Flickr (which is the photographer's favorite site). And friendly photos and in his blog he wants others to do the same and tag the photo with the number 241543903. 

Now, why the number 241543903?

It can almost be said that this number is a lucky number that is obtained by combining the serial number of the refrigerator with the barcode number on the frozen chicken noodle in its refrigerator! In 2009, when Horitz just launched his Tumblr blog, he wrote instructions for his audience every day. 

These weird recipes were the same every day, like "Capture a dramatic text from a controversial YouTube comment" or "Ask your neighbour if you want to watch the sunset from the tallest building near you.".

In November of this year, David published a book of his instructions, "Do Anything You Can Do in a Day," published by Random Lust. Take a photo of yourself in the freezer and tag it with the random number 241543903 one It was one of those recipes. 

The idea came about when a sick friend of Nguyen tried to stick his head in the freezer. This number 241543903 Horwitz is a combination of the refrigerator series, the barcode on the noodle package, and peas.

241543903 Number Pictures Videos and History of creation

A huge number of photos and pictures with an incomprehensible name 241543903 have appeared on the Internet. But what is it? What is 241543903? What is this cryptic code? 

There is an answer to this question, and it is very simple.

One Brazilian named Mauricio Cid, decided to have some fun, stuck his head in the refrigerator and took a photo of himself with his mobile phone. After that, he posted it on the Internet. Many people, having viewed it, approved this action and also began to be photographed, filling the Internet with photos with an incomprehensible name 241543903.


But why exactly 241543903?

This is the serial code of the very Brazilian refrigerator in which the first photo was taken. This is how the Brazilian Mauricio Kid made his refrigerator famous!

Putting your head in the refrigerator (and taking pictures of yourself in this position) is a very exciting and educational process. Here are the main benefits of this activity:

  • Putting your head in the refrigerator allows you to bring something new, unusual to life, radically change the established alignment of life, experience hitherto unknown sensations.
  • With this action, you can finally find out where that glazed cheese has gone and where the sausages are constantly falling.
  • Also, by putting your head in the refrigerator, you can rest and relax, because a person who stuck his head in the refrigerator looks at the world differently, all his problems and worries begin to seem trivial to him and not worth any worries.
  • You will find out what the refrigerator cover looks like from below, which is undoubtedly an important point since 99.9% of the population live in the same apartment with their refrigerator and at the same time do not even know what the refrigerator cover looks like from below.
  • In hot weather, sticking your head in the refrigerator is almost the same as going to heaven.
  • Moreover, there you have the opportunity to discover Narnia.
  • We ran to take pictures!

Pictures of people who have already stuck their heads in the refrigerator

241543903 Photos

241543903 Photos

241543903 Photos

Videos of people who have already stuck their heads in the refrigerator.

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