eKosh Online Cg Login and Registration [ Chhattisgarh Employee ]

With the new sign-up process mentioned after the launch of eKosh online Cg web portal, Chhattisgarh employees find eKosh login online registration which is a complete payment system under the Treasury account and pension directory.

eKosh Online Cg

EKosh online Cg Websit

The introduction of EKosh online Cg website has introduced the e-payment system in the state of Chhattisgarh, and initially, e-payment of employee salary was participated and later general provident fund, travel allowance bill, medical reimbursement bill, vendor payment DDO pay bills were also added to the bill, Samved employee bill and online website eKosh.

By using this online website, a major relief has been brought for the employees of Chhattisgarh State Government, and that is to reach and reach the department office for depositing any kind of employment-related bills like Chhattisgarh Employee Pay Slip Download, thus reduced manual work using long queues and the eKosh online Cg website.

The Chhattisgarh state government also provides a link to pensioner employees to check their status and get an example report. To access all of the above-initiated employee services, one must have access to the e-Kosh Online website, and each employee is given a unique set of usernames and passwords, through which they can access the designated employee page.

The sign-up process for Chhattisgarh e-Kosh online website is completely online, thus the employees are required to register themselves by giving their valid mobile number to the office office of their respective department, given below are the details of registration Required to be used after designed.

How to sign up for eKosh Online Cg login

eKosh Online Cg login

  • Visit the Chhattisgarh e-Kosh online website using Ekoshonline.cg.nic.in
  • Click the ePayroll option from the online system menu on the left.
  • In the new page, select Employee Corner from the left corner
  • Now enter your employee number or code username + date of birth (DDMMYY) in the password column
  • Enter the captcha code shown next to the box
  • Now click on the login button for your first successful login
  • Confirm your details and once your staff page confirms the next step
  • Click Change Password and let a new page load.
  • Enter your new password twice and then click on the confirmation button
  • A new page will be loaded for eKosh login with your provided details
  • Here you can see information about your employment
  • That is, you have successfully entered the Chhattisgarh Employees Pay-line eKosh online website using your credentials.
  • As per the guidelines, the registration of the concerned employee will provide access to his employee code with the date of birth as the password, so, to make his account secure, it has to be changed after the first login.
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Is Chhattisgarh Employee Pay Slip Online Safe?

The online website launched to serve employees is all secure and anyone has an authentication process to access its services. Employees or employers must follow a login process to access their respective pages which makes it secure enough to use.

Can we pay bills and invoices using eKosh Online Cg website?

Yes, there are direct links to pay your e-way bill and e-challan which gives you easy access to pay dues. This link takes you directly to the secure payment gate and allows you to conduct your transaction.