Heart Disease Causes – First Face Of Disease

Nowadays, heart disease has become the most raising ailment, huge numbers of people are facing this disease and its severe effects. But there is a number of people who do not know what causes heart disease. Heart disease can enter inside your body through a number of forms such as valvular heart disease, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, stroke, or rheumatic or rheumatic fever heart disease. 

As per the world health organization, this disease has killed almost twelve million deaths around the world. About half of the deaths in the United States have been happened because of this disease and not only in the USA but in many more developed countries. In all, among adults heart disease is the prime cause of death.


Within the United States, about sixty million people and more than that have different types of heart disease. In one day, around 26000 people die because of heart disease. In the list of severe diseases, cancer stands in the second position, it is the 2nd largest killer disease.

One of the leading causes of heart disease is coronary artery disease; it is the most prevalent form of this disease. In America, it has become a major reason for death. Just because of a number of effective and practical studies that had involved almost thousands of people, physicians have found specific factors that take patients towards heart disease. All these are known as causes of heart disease:

Now we are going to discuss what causes heart disease. We have divided all these causes into 2 sections: contributing and major. The major section contains prime causes that have been proved that they are dangerous factors. In contributing sections, we have included some factors that can increase the chances of getting infected by the disease.


Some of the causes are treatable, changeable and some are not. But even though, controlling those causes is definitely in our hands.

Major Heart Disease Causes

High blood cholesterol

This is one of the prime dangerous causes of heart disease. Cholesterol is like fat that your blood carries, this factor is found in almost all heart disease patients. Cholesterol is majorly produced by the liver, as per the body’s requirement to make cell membranes and create specific hormones. Extra cholesterol comes in your body the moment you consume food, the prime sources of cholesterol are eggs, meats, and dairy products.

Hence, we frequently blameworthiness cholesterol foods for increasing the risk of heart disease but the secret factor is always hidden in our blood that is saturated fat. The foods, which contain a high amount of saturated fat, are red meat, milk products, and tropical oils like coconut oil. A large amount of low-density lipoprotein within blood creates plaque over artery walls that begins the growth of disease that this process is known as atherosclerosis.

High blood pressure

This cause raises the chances of heart disease, stroke, and attack. Hence, the rest of the factors can enhance blood pressure. Sometimes, patients experience it without risk factors. In case, you are fat, you are suffering from high blood cholesterol or you smoke accompanied with high blood pressure then the chances of stroke and heart disease highly increases.

Overweight and obesity

Additional weight is the prime booster of cholesterol levels, coronary artery disease, and high blood pressure. This cause enhances chances of heart disease, majorly high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes.


Within people, heart-related physical problems have become the prime reason behind the death rate. Particularly Type II diabetes or adult. Specific ethnic groups and racial are standing on high-risk peak of diabetes. As per American Heart Association around 65% of diabetic patients die because of few types of heart disease. In case, you know that your body is suffering from diabetes then you should consult your doctor, why I am telling you this is because proper control over the level of blood sugar can increase your risk. Even though you might have some point of diabetes but you are not confirmed then go through some of the tests.


Age is also one of the leading causes of heart disease. Actually, just because of heart disease almost 4-5 adult people older than 65 are facing death.


This disease is supposed to flow within families e.g.In case, your siblings or parents had circulatory or heart problems before fifty-five ages, then there are high chances that it can also infect you. The risk factors might also run from one generation to the next generation.

Contributing causes

Sex hormones

This cause plays a vital role in this disease. Within females, which are less than 40 years, heart disease is scarce. However, among females of ages 40-65 after some time face menopause, this is a sign that they are moving towards heart disease.


It is surely contributing cause of heart disease the reason is stress known for its effect. Affects like behavior habits, socioeconomic status, and behavior habits. This cause occurs almost in every person because daily we deal with different stress.


Many studies have proved that heart disease’s risk appears in alcohol-consuming people. The chances of getting infected by heart disease are major as compare to non-drinkers. According to experts, taking a limited quantity of alcohol is somewhere acceptable in a drinker’s body.

Therefore, these are some of the prime and contributing causes of heart disease that enter inside your body and gradually control your whole body. After reading this you must have understood what causes heart disease. Preventing all these causes is the only solution to this, so if you do not want to face this severe disease then stay away from all these causes.