How To Link LPG Customer ID To Online SBI Bank Account Online?

Link LPG Customer ID to SBI Bank Account: Nowadays, the internet has literally made everything in our grips at a single touch of our fingertips. The Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) procedure that the Government of India maintains has recently come up with a new modification. A widespread announcement has been made regarding that. The customers, currently using LPG subsidies must make sure to link their bank accounts with LPG Customer ID. Therefore, customers having their bank accounts at SBI have been rushing to make the asked alteration. Obviously, it has some benefits which the Government has foresighted.

Link LPG Customer ID To Online SBI Bank Account

There are certain steps to link a customer’s LPG ID to an Online SBI bank account, and those have been discussed in greater detail below.

What Is LPG Customer ID?

Irrespective of the gas connection that you have been using – Indane Gas, Bharat Gas, or even HP, you will have an LPG ID. Also, whether you are an old customer or a new one – there would be a unique seventeen-digit LPG Customer ID registered to your name. 

There are many who are not aware of their individual LPG IDs, and that creates a lot of confusion in the masses. You can either very easily get your LPG ID from your Gas Distributor Company or open a particular website to collect the number all by yourself.

Steps To Get Your LPG ID

For the convenience of the people, below are a few steps to follow so that you can find out your LPG ID:

  1. Open the specific website of the gas connection that you use.
  2. After the page opens, two options would be displayed before you – Quick Search and Normal Search.
  3. Choose any of the options that you want as per your wish.
  4. In case you went for the former choice, you would be asked to enter the mobile number that you have registered before to continue with the process.
  5. Then you need to type in the image code.
  6. The next step is to click on Proceed option given on the screen.
  7. Now, in case you go for the latter option, that is – the Normal Search there are certain added details that will be needed to continue with the process.
  8. The details which would be required are – state, district, the name of the gas distributor company, and consumer number.
  9. Only after you have entered the mentioned details, there would appear an image code.
  10. Type in the code and click on the Proceed button.
  11. Soon, your LPG ID would be shown on the device screen.
  12. Make sure to note down the ID for it would be required in the future.
Now that you have your LPG Customer ID, you can easily apply for an LPG subsidy online by linking it with your State Bank of India bank account.

Why Choose SBI Over Other Banks?

In a vast nation like ours, there are several banks – both public and private-sector banks. Amongst all, SBI is a nationally recognized public sector bank with more than half of India as its faithful customers. With all the latest features – easy accessibility, nationwide presence, bank’s quick and smooth entry, and most importantly over thousands of branches in several cities and villages, SBI is the most popular bank.

Benefits Of Linking The Account With SBI

Besides SBI being the most popular amongst all other banks present in India, there are other features that it provides. Those are the reason which practically makes over thousands of customers have at least one bank account in SBI and also choose it as the primary one. The reasons have been explained as below:
  • Firstly, SBI enjoys the maximum patronage from the Government of India – being one of the basic reasons for its mass popularity.
  • It is comparatively easier to open accounts in SBI also to operate it.
  • People feel quite secure being SBI customers since it is one of the oldest existing banks in India and has been functioning on peoples’ well-being for decades.
  • People from urban, semi-urban, and also rural India are customers of SBI.
  • SBI charges relatively lower interest rates for the convenience of the people.
  • With time and development, the bank has also progressed at par.
  • New facilities such as – online banking, ATM card, Credit card facility, mobile banking,
  • Using a bank account to link it to LPG Customer ID is perhaps the unique of them all that has recently been launched.
Therefore, the benefits are quite a lot and are of great aid to the people.

Steps That You Should Follow – 1

To go by the Government’s words and be an obedient citizen, follow the steps that have been talked about elaborately to link:

  • The customer wanting to link would require their unique seventeen digits LPG Customer ID number.
  • Go to your own LPG website where you take your LPG and you will be provided with your Customer ID number there itself.
  • Next, open your own SBI internet banking account on your device.
  • After this, log in to your SBI internet banking account using your user ID and password.
  • Click on the My Account section on the left side of the page that has appeared before you.
  • Among various other options, choose the option of Link your LPG Customer ID with your SBI bank account.
  • In the box that pops up next, fill in your SBI account number.
  • Fill the other boxes as well. Type your mobile number and LPG Consumer ID.
  • Since it is a very long number and is likely to be frequently mistaken, they ask you to re-enter the number.
  • After you have correctly filled the boxes, click on the Submit option without delay.
  • In case, there is any mistake you can immediately go back and choose the Reset option to make the necessary changes.
Till now was the first step to link the LPG Customer ID with the SBI bank account. Although many people freak out at the very idea of adding their personal details on the internet – it is pretty secure and a thoroughly easy process.

5.2 Steps That You Should Follow – 2

The mobile number that the customer had added in the previous step has its implication in this step. The further steps have been enlisted as below:
  • An OTP would now be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP within the stipulated time.
  • Click on the Submit option after this.
  • Take an instant note of the reference number that appears before you which would be required later in the future.
  • A message from the bank would come notifying you about the linking status of the ID with your bank account within twenty-four to forty-eight hours.
  • Your ID has now been linked with your SBI internet banking account.
Therefore, it is quite simple to follow the steps, but for people who are entirely unaware of it – it can be a little troublesome. For them, the mentioned steps would surely be of great help.

Why Make The Link?

Many of them in India still do not have either the capability to afford a gas or does not know how to use it. The women in several villages have till now been clinging to fuelwood or stoves to cook their meals on a daily basis. 

Hence, this is a sincere attempt made by the Government to aid the poorer section of the society and to upgrade them eventually. After the customer has linked their connection of the Customer ID with the SBI bank account, they will have to pay the market price for purchasing LPG cylinders. 

The Government will then directly transfer the difference in amount between the market price and subsidized amount to that individual’s bank account.

Things To Know Before You Make The Link

As per the decision made by the Government of India, there would be a three months grace period provided to the customers. During this specific period, it has been said, that the customers who have already made the link and come forward to participate in the scheme would continue to receive their subsidy in their personal bank account. Even the ones who have not made this link would get their LPG gas cylinders at the older subsidized amount.

What Happens After The Grace Period Is Over?

However, after the three months, grace period offered by the Government terminates, there would be another additional three months grace period. The same process mentioned in the previous three months grace period would follow. 

But, once the second grace period ends – the people who have not yet joined the scheme would have to purchase at a price fixed by the then-current market price. And those who have already joined would enjoy its advantages.

By a keen observation of the situation, it can be commented that customers should at once link their individual LPG IDs with SBI bank account to avoid any further troubles and enjoy the perks. The linking of the IDs to the SBI bank account has been made easier, and hence you can get it done instantly to avail of the facilities offered.