Epfigms Complaint Portal: How to Register - Full Guide

Every person's retirement from their job requires a financial backup so that the employee can enjoy post-job life independently. Pension is definitely a provision which takes care of this in government jobs. There is also another provision called provident fund which fulfills this.

Employees Provident Fund (EPF):

It is a type of fund in which contributions are made by both the employer and the employee over a long period of time. Some percentage of the employee's income is directed towards this PF account, and the other part is contributed by the employer under the Employee PF scheme.

At the time of retirement, the person gets this EPS money in a lump sum. In simple words it is really a retirement plan for all the salaried employees. And it is also a mandatory investment plan for them. Although initially people are reluctant to do this forceful saving but later they get used to it and it actually proves beneficial in many ways.

EPF is called Employees Provident Fund. It is a central government scheme, which is supervised and managed by EPO (Employees Provident Fund Organisation). This scheme was implemented in the whole of India except Jammu and Kashmir from 1951.

It was created with the aim of ensuring financial stability and security to older people.

EPF Complaint Website:

Let's say you have applied for EPF refund, i.e. you have applied for withdrawal, but even after a long time, there is no change in status, nor money is returned to you.

Or suppose you have requested for transfer from new PF to old PF, but it failed without any reason.

Many times people's claims are also rejected, but the department does not give a good answer to it. Or if you are a pensioner and you have to file a complaint regarding pension amount or if you are an employer, if you are writing a complaint to the EPF department then a single portal has been launched by the EPF department for all these complaints. , which is a very powerful portal, where employees are free to register any type of complaint or grievance and can also check the status of the complaint. And if the complaint is not being resolved on time, then one can also give a reminder. All this work can be done through this one portal.

how it works?

Usually a salaried person or someone starting out as an employee contributes to the scheme. This contribution is made monthly.

It is like a mandatory scheme launched by the Government of India for its salaried person for their retirement.

Let us understand this scheme with one such example. EPF, as we all know is Employees Provident Fund. Every salaried person is paying around 12.5% ​​of his salary in the EPF account.

The same amount is usually taken from the salary of the employer and additionally credited to the same account. The employer basically gets 8.75% p.a. rate of interest on the accumulated fund.

12.5% ​​of a salaried person can be used in deduction under section 80C, only when the amount is not withdrawn within 5 years, but if a person withdraws the equivalent, then that But tax is to be deducted.

How to file EPF complaint online?

Here we will talk about how you can register your complaint on the EPF portal.

  • Firstly visit the official website epfgms.gov.in
  • The homepage appears, on the right side, click on the 'Submit a complaint' button.
  • You will have four options in front of you.
  • PF Members, PF Pensioners, Employers & Others.
  • If you are either a PF member or an employee, you can opt for 'PF Member'.
  • After that enter your UAN number.
  • Fill the given captcha
  • If you have filled the details correctly, your complete details will appear here, your name, your email id and the last three digits of your mobile phone.
  • Click on 'Get OTP'
  • An OTP will be sent to both your registered mobile number and email id
  • After submitting this OTP you can register your complaint

You will not have to fill the details related to UAN, you have to mention your gender and correct address. It is very important to mention the address because if there is any document which needs to be sent to you by the department, it will be sent to this address. Here you can also give your alternate mobile number and fill the security code.

In the complaint details section, if you have multiple PF numbers, it will appear here. Now a pop up will appear on your screen where you have to register the complaint and you can choose any one of the four options.

  • If your complaint is related to PF office, for example your withdrawal was not successful, your advance is stuck or you have some pension related issues which are stuck in the department, then you have to select the option 'PF Office' .
  • If your employer is not paying your PF, not correcting your KYC, not marking your exit date, then select the 'Employer' option.
  • If you have some issues related to Employee Deposit Link Scheme then select EDLI
  • If you have taken pension before time, then you can fill the issues related to it here.

What is the difference between this new EPE complaint website and the previous website?

There are a lot of new features in this portal. If some of you have visited the previous EPF complaint portal, then you must know how flawed the previous website was. How long and difficult was the process of filling the form and even after submission most of the time it was rejected by the website.

So the first thing they have done here in this new website is that it has been linked with UAN and OTP. It states that if you enter your UAN number, a lot of information will be auto-filled and you do not need to fill in manually. Also, a reminder feature has been added to it.

Helpline Details:-

For Employees: [email protected]

For Employers: [email protected]

You can also call their toll-free number: 1800118005.

Hope you have got the idea about what is Employees Provident Fund and how can we complain against it if you do not give proper answer.

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