Sleep More To Remember More – Researchers

Researchers have found a new way to sharpen our memory. It seems that researchers are trying too hard to find new research. This time The Journal of Experimental Psychology discloses their new study that if anyone sleeps then there is a great amount of chance that they may learn something. It is basically because of unconscious memory.

Research on Sleep

Michigan State University researchers asked the participants that participated in the study to learn 40 words. After this, they were split into two different groups and were tested on the individual ability for recalling every second word of each pair after listening to the first. The trained participants had good regular sleep before they were tested. After their snooze, they remember even more things than in the group that they were being trained and tested.

The researcher distributed the result in terms of the better sleep benefits. According to their conclusion, the participants who were able to recall the information better in the test were largely due to good sleep. The Author lead of the study; Kimberly Fenn is a Ph.D. said that this is due to the operational memory relates to both recovery of long-term memory and short-term memory. They added that subconscious processing during sleep would help to increase long-term memory storage. Fenn added that a night of better sleep might help us to advance our predictability for things.

Sleep More

While this research seems to be true; we follow an example that people who have memory issues or memory problems are mainly due to the different reasons for not getting a night of better sleep. The things like stress and tension lead to ineffective sleep and people usually are tensed related to this. People try to avoid this thing by the use of medicine. This proves a balanced mental strength is directly related to good sleep.

Fenn again added that People who do not get enough good sleep or long hours of sleep are usually at the disadvantage of not storing the long-term information in enough time.

A troubled sleep can be prevented and cured by several exercises. One of them being a breathing exercise technique which is known as the 4-7-8 breathing exercise. Rest your tongue at the point just behind the upper teeth of the mouth. Start Exhaling. After this process closes the mouth and starts inhaling with the help of your nose till 4 counts. Now, let your breath holding for 7 counts. After this, exhale by counting 8 in the mind. Recap the chain 3-4 times. This exercise will help you to get a good healthy sleep.

Always try to avoid the medicines for sleeping. They may work for one time but never let your body get immune to it. It is one of the hazardous things. Healthy sleep is healthy if it is natural. I have another exercise that is moreover used by many people around the world. The exercise is named count the sheep. This is boring and will help you to get sleep. One can also use the sleep napkin, wear it on the face to close the eyes. The darkness will make you sleep quickly.