Aadhar Card Verification Email, Mobile No and Aadhar Number Verification Process

Aadhar Card Contains a lot of personal and general information and together all this information makes a perfect identity card. An aadhar card contains information like address, name, email, mobile number, fingerprints, and iris scan, and based on all this information government makes a unique identification number which is an aadhar number. 

People apply through the aadhar center and they got through the postal mail or they can download from the UIDAI website but no one verify that is your aadhar number, email and number working and registered with UIDAI or not? 

So in this article, you will learn about how to verify an aadhar number, email ID, and mobile number.

Aadhar Card Verification 

Why is Email, Mobile No, and Aaadhar Number Verification required?

Many people have questions in mind that what is requirements of verifying aadhar details like email, mobile no, and aadhar number if people already got an aadhar card. It is necessary today’s scenario and the details of that are given.

  • It is necessary that details printed in the aadhar card are the same as those stored in the UIDAI database.
  • Sometimes it may mismatch but it is rare because UIDAI officials are perfect in data collection and updating
  • If you got an aadhar card the first time then you must verify necessary details like email, mobile number, and aadhar number.
  • Aadhar Card Verification will give you surety that your details are present in the UIDAI database and no other person will miss using that.
  • After verification you can use it in any place without any fear and the government will also assure you of your details.

Online Aadhar Card Verification Process

UIDAI has recently published self aadhar verification system on the official website but the question is how people will do the aadhar verification process. As you know that before this online aadhar verification portal, people did from aadhar Kendra.
You will learn information like email, number, and aadhar verification process in the following section.
So stay tuned to read the aadhar card email, mobile number, and aadhar number verification process.

Aadhar Number Verification Process – Verify Aadhar Number Online

When you got aadhar the first time or get after the updating of aadhar details in both cases you must verify your aadhar number before using that. The process of verifying aadhar number is very easy and that is as follows.

  • First, you have to visit the official site or click on the given link
  • On your screen, you are looking at a section which is asking for an aadhar number
  • Enter the aadhar number which you got in your aadhar card
  • Click to get a one-time password on your registered mobile number
  • Enter the one time password and click on verify
  • If your aadhar is deactivated then it will not send otp and show “your aadhaar is deactivated”
  • If verifications is successful after that you are free to use in anywhere in India.

Aadhar Email Verification Process – Verify the Email of your Aadhar Card

Many of you can say that what is purpose behind the verifying of email so let me tell the purpose behind verifying email addresses. 

People use aadhar cards for various private as well as government works and some government organizations use the email addresses for communication purposes or for sending information regarding the company due to that it is useful to verify the email addresses.

Steps of verifying aadhar card email address through the UIDAI website.

  • Click on these links for verifying aadhar card email address
  • Now you will get a page in which it asked for the email address
  • To enter the same email address which you have given in the aadhar card application form
  • Now enter the OTP which you will get on your mobile number
  • After that click on verify button and verify the email address
  • So this way you can verify your email address

Aadhar Phone Number Verification Process – Verify Mobile Number

We are living in an era in which technology is moving towers from laptop to mobile so it is necessary for all human beings that we should keep update ourselves. 

Now a day we all have seen that the Indian Government is trying to attach and everything with a mobile number. 

Each of you, who has an aadhar card must verify your aadhar number with an aadhar registered mobile number.

Steps to verify the mobile number with the aadhar website is –

  • You should click on this link for the mobile verification
  • Now enter the mobile number on the web page in the section in which it asked for the mobile number
  • After that enter OTP which you will get on the registered mobile number
  • Now you should click on verify tab to verify your mobile number
  • These simple steps will help you in verifying aadhar registered mobile number

What do you do after failing to verify aadhar email or mobile or aadhar?   

Yes, It is a right to question so what is the solution for that. Here, we are giving a detailed solution if you are unable to verify any information of aadhar card.
You can change any aadhar details if that is not according to your original data and the best way to update information is the aadhar self-service update portal which is free of cost online platform and anyone can do it without investing much time.
If anyone feels difficulty while doing work online then they can update aadhaar card offline or through the aadhar Kendra.
After updating the aadhar card you can again verify your aadhar details through the above-given steps and if you feel any difficulty in that then you can comment in the below section.