How To Get Plastic Aadhaar Cards 2022 | Printing Plastic Aadhaar Cards

The UIDAI which is the authority to issue Aadhar cards in the country has made an important announcement that warns all those practices of producing plastic Aadhar cards or commonly marketed as start Aadhar cards. As per UIDAI, the concept of a smart Aadhar card or Aadhar card printed on the plastic card just like a PAN card is completely bogus and is of no use. The printed Aadhar card provided is only genuine and the same can be downloaded and printed on a piece of paper. The UIDAI wants to change this new concept of plastic Aadhar cards and has also made formal warnings against those agencies which are printing them for a chargeable amount.

Private agencies doing the foul play

As Aadhar cards have become one of the majorly used documents in recent times, maybe for linking of LPG connections or bank accounts, several private companies have also started flourishing. 

The Govt. with association to UIDAI provides an Aadhar card which is printed on thick paper and posted to the beneficiary. 

However, several private agencies now a day have started a new trend of printing and selling Aadhar cards on plastic and advertizing them as smart Aadhar cards. They are charging somewhere between Rs. 50 to Rs. 200 for every such plastic printing of Aadhar card. 

Some agencies are also operating online where they are taking such orders of Aadhar printing on plastic cards. Then they are delivering the plastic cards at the doorsteps of the customers for some charge

No need for plastic Aadhar cards

As per the UIDAI officials, there is no need to go after those agencies and print plastic Aadhar cards. This practice is completely useless and will serve no purpose, just than wasting money. 

The Aadhar card provided by the govt. which is sent by post to the beneficiary is a valid one and is accepted all across. 

One can also download a soft copy of the same Aadhar card and print it on normal paper which will serve the same purpose. The printing may also be done in black and white and that will also serve the purpose completely.

Some important points related to the policy:

  • There is nothing such a Smart Aadhar cards and the only genuine format is that provided by the govt. or printed on a piece of paper. So there is no need to spend money on this purpose.
  • Aadhar card contains biometric and other important data about the cardholder which should not be shared with such private agencies.
  • UIDAI has notified all the online reputed agencies performing this act to put a shutter to this act to save them from criminal prosecution which may lead to fines and imprisonment.