Jaivik Kheti Portal For Farmers Registration 2022

Jaivik Kheti Portal For Farmers Registration: To offer a better platform for the farmers to find a mixture of Innovative and traditional methods of the farming process, the central government of India has launched the unique online portal Jaivik Kheti. The portal also stands as the source for promoting organic farming activities among the farmers of the nation.

Jaivik Kheti Portal

About Jaivik Kheti Portal

In simple words, the Jaivik Kheti portal can be referred to as the organic farming portal where the farmers can able to get all the assistance regarding the agricultural activities with the aid of digital technology.

The portal boosts the awareness about the Rasayan Mukt Bharat Abhiyan and the Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY), Pramparagat Krishi Yojana, MIDH and Micro Irrigation among the farmers. The main intention of this Jaivik Kheti online portal is to drive the farmers towards the organic mode of farming instead of making use of chemical fertilizers for growing their crops.

This web portal will provide live performance tips for farmers, along with suggesting the farming mechanism, techniques to be followed for growing crops, how to preserve crops and much more useful information.

Jaivik Kheti Portal Launch Details

The current prime minister of India Mr Narendra Modi successfully inaugurated this innovative online portal http://www.jaivikkheti.in for the welfare of the nation’s farmers on 17th of March 2018, where the special event has been organized on behalf of Krishi Unnati Mela. After launching this organic online farming portal, the PM has requested the farmers of India to get registered with this portal for availing a lot of assistance from the experts over the farming process.

During the event, Mr Modi has conveyed that this online organic farming portal will play a significant role in doubling the income of the farmers of the nation. Once the portal has been opened for its full operations, an invitation for registration has been opened to all the farmers of the country.

How do get registered on the Jaivik Kheti portal?

To get register with the Jaivik Kheti Portal you need to be a farmer or another user who can be a processor, exporter, trader and so. The below-listed steps will guide you get to register with the newly opened organic farming portal.

  • Step1: First of all, you need to visit the official web portal of Jaivik Kheti by entering the URL http://www.jaivikkheti.in on your browser. By doing so, you can able to visit the homepage of the portal on your screen.
  • Step 2: The organic portal has been specially designed for both mobile and also for desktop capability so you won’t face any trouble viewing it from mobile and also on the computer. In addition to that, the portal can be viewed in two languages English and Hindi, which can be changed at the right top corner of the home page.
  • Step 3: On the right upper corner, you can able to view the register button with the red background colour. You are supposed to click that button for registering yourself with the Jaivik Kheti portal.
  • Step 4: By clicking that button you can able to view a page that has the option of choosing ‘Register as a farmer or ‘Register as another user. Pick the correct one according to your registration and click the submit button.
  • Step 5: If you click the ‘Register as a farmer’ you can able to get a farmer registration form where you need to enter basic details, along with the communication details and identify proof details.
  • Step 5: Farmers are advised to keep the soft copies of their identity proof like Aadhaar, Voter, Ration card etc while registering. So that it would be easy to upload the documents and submit your details at ease.
  • Step 6: In case if you’re registering as other users, you will get the Trader Registration form, where you need to enter the company type, company details, contact details along with the valid mobile number and mail id in the appropriate columns.
  • Step 7: After entering those details inappropriate columns on the registration form, you need to clear the Captcha verification for successful submission.
  • Step 8: On successful registration as a farmer or as another user with the Jaivik Kheti Portal you can able to receive the Login ID and Password to your registered mobile or Mail ID, by using those you can able to access the portal for free.

Key Features and Highlighting Points of Jaivik Kheti Portal:

  • The portal explains the need and essentials of converting the ongoing chemical form of cultivation to the organic model of cultivations to the farmers across the country.
  • It also gives the essential tips on how to get converted from chemical for of farming towards the organic form of farming which is also an eco-friendly mode of farming.
  • The portal act as the medium for buyers and farmers to engage in performing agro-business. For buyers, they can able to get products directly from farmers. And for farmers, can able to get in touch with the buyer directly without any mediator.
  • The portal acts as a guide for beginners who are all stepping into farming activities. It has wide information regarding scientific agriculture, nature-study agriculture and so.

The launch of this organic farming portal will be the innovative step in moving the nation’s farming activity towards the organic mode. Also, the portal will guide farmers of the nation to get more income by selling their agro-products to buyers directly.

To know more about the working operation of the organic farming portal and to get clear your clarification about being buyers or farmers over the Jaivik Kheti Portal visit the FAQ page by clicking the URL http://www.jaivikkheti.in/login/FAQ.aspx

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