Rythu Bandhu Scheme 2022 (Investment Support Input Assistance Scheme) Ryots Farmers Telangana

The state government of Telangana state has announced to launch of a Rythu Bandhu Scheme for the State farmers. According to the new scheme the state farmers can expect to get financial assistance from the local state government for the upcoming Yasangi and Kharif crops. The state government has announced to launch of the new Input Assistance scheme for benefiting the Ryot farmers statewide.

Rythu Bandhu Scheme

Rythu Bandhu Eligibility criteria

The main benefit of the scheme will only be offered to the state Ryot farmers and who are the cultivators of the farmlands. Farmers who are rich and have bigger landholdings will not be offered the benefit under the scheme. Apart from this, the scheme is also designed to offer benefits to the farmers of Telangana state only.

Key factors Rythu Bandhu

Maim aim – The main aim of launching the new Input Assistance scheme is to help achieve development in the agricultural sector of the state. It will also aim at achieving a much higher GDP rate within this sector. Apart from this the state government also aims at introducing the scheme to more farmers belonging to small scale farm sectors.

Financial assistance –The state government has announced that under the scheme the peasants will also be offered financial assistance of Rs 4000 for each acre of their land. The assistance will be offered to the farmers based on the land they are holding on their names. The money can be used by the farmers for purchasing all necessary inputs they need to carry out the farming in their lands including fertilizers, crops, seeds, equipment and pesticides.

Beneficiaries – As per the statements made by the state government the new scheme is designed to offer help to over 44 lakh state farmers in small farm sectors. The benefits will be provided to the farmers of the Telangana state.

Bank transfer – Under the new scheme the state government will also offer farmers financial assistance through DBT (Direct Bank Transfer). The government has clearly stated that it will not carry out any direct cash transaction under the scheme. This will offer benefit to the farmer as they will get exposed to the transactions done via banks.

Rythu Bandhu Budget

To make the process of implementation more effective for the farmers of the state the government has announced to allocate a set budget of Rs 12000 crore to be implemented under the scheme on a statewide platform.

Details of implementation Rythu Bandhu

The state government of Telangana state has announced to offer assistance to the farmers of the state under the scheme. The government has mentioned that it shall be offering farmers financial assistance in the form of bank cheques that can be used directly by them. The cheques will be provided to the farmers in two separate segments.

The distribution of the cheques to the farmers will be done based on the landholdings of each registered farmer under the scheme. A set amount of Rs 4000 for every acre of land held by the farmer is set by the state government for calculation under the input assistance scheme.

The state government has also made the official announcement for implementation of the scheme and it shall get started with the procedure for implementation by 20th April 2018 for getting started with the first phase of disbursement. The government will also get started with the implementation of the second phase of the scheme for cheque disbursement by 18th November 2018.

Additional benefits Of Rythu Bandhu

The state government has also stated that it is working towards offering farmers assistance for implementing and making use of better and innovative rice planting advanced machines. This will help the farmers get mechanized for their crop cultivation. It will also help them grow in their farming sector.

The government will also ensure that each farmer of the state is connected to each other and to make it more effective the government will be distributing journals and handbooks that will help them get familiar with better farming techniques depending on the soil texture in the state.

The handbooks and journals will also provide farmers with the role and importance of the FCC. Apart from this, the farmers of the state will also be able to collect more relevant information related to the Input Assistance Scheme.

The book will provide a collection of a complete set of regulations and rules followed under the scheme to avail maximum benefit and increase their production of crops. Apart from this, the farmers will also be able to get more information about MSP (Minimum support price) set by the state government.

Launch details Of Rythu Bandhu

The state government of Telangana has announced to launch of the new Input Assistance scheme (Rythu Bandhu) statewide in recent time. The scheme is set to be launched by the state government at the time of the Kharif season in the state. In the initial phase, the scheme will be launched as a Pilot project. The government has also stated that in the first stage it will try and launch the scheme in selected villages while in the later stages it will help in offering coverage to all other districts in the state.

The government aims at implementing the new system in place with transparency for the farmers. To effectively implement the system the government will try and provide a workable banking system and financial assistance. The funds will only be transferred via banking channels so the beneficiaries can get the full benefit of it. The government will try and work out the selection of the right banking system for implementation.

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